Most people do not go for eye exams and only visit their optometrist when they start having vision problems. Unfortunately, most eye problems have no symptoms, and you only notice them when they have progressed and become more complicated. Eye exams play a crucial role in protecting your vision and overall wellbeing.
During the process, your optometrist will perform various tests like checking the functionality of your eyes, looking out for common eye illnesses, and determining your lenses and eyesight needs. Kids as young as six months can undergo eye exams. Read on to understand the importance of annual eye exams.

Reasons to Go for Your Annual Eye Exam

If you have been holding out or neglecting your eye exams, here are a few reasons to take them more seriously.

  1. Identify Existing and Potential Eye Issues
    One of the most significant benefits of an eye exam is that it helps identify existing or potential eye problems before they get worse. As a preventive procedure, eye exams are how you identify vision issues and protect your eyes from illnesses like glaucoma, cataracts, misaligned eyes, and macular degeneration, which can cause vision loss if left unchecked. By going for annual eye exams, you can seek early treatment in case of eye problems which protects your eye health and increases your chances of successful treatment.
  2. Check for Changes in Prescription
    For people with eye issues and existing prescriptions, slight changes in eyesight can lead to increased strain. It may also result in other problems like light sensitivity, headaches, and dry eyes. Your annual eye exam ensures that your prescription is up to date and in line with your needs.
  3. Eye Exams Can Pinpoint Other Health Problems
    Besides establishing the presence of eye problems, an eye exam can provide insights into your overall health using symptoms within or near the eyes. Some people realize they have terminal illnesses only after an eye exam. This is because the eyes are the only place where nerves and blood vessels are visible and can reveal systemic diseases. Some of the conditions that your eye exam can reveal include diabetes, cancer, high cholesterol, and hypertension.

Your annual eye exams are just as important as your dentist visits or your visit to your physician. Remember, a vision screening should not substitute for an eye exam as it only checks for serious vision problems. An eye exam, on the other hand, will ensure your vision is as comfortable and that you are not at risk of eye problems that come with little or no symptoms.

If you would like an eye exam, we can help. Our highly skilled providers will examine your eyes and create a treatment plan to help you feel better and see clearer. To learn more, call 949-489-2218 or book an appointment online with the Tayani Institute today.

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