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With summer activities in full swing, July is an excellent time for UV Safety Month. UV Safety Month is intended to raise awareness about the risks that UV exposure poses to your eyes and learn about options for protecting your eyes from the sun’s rays, like sunglasses. Here’s what you need to know.

The Impact of UV Exposure on Your Eye Health

Just like the rest of your body, your eyes need protection from the sun’s UV rays. UV radiation can damage multiple areas of your eyes, including the lens, cornea, and surface tissues.

This increases your risk of experiencing an eye disease or other eye problems, including cataracts, eye cancer, and pterygium growths.

Eye damage from UV exposure doesn’t happen overnight; instead, it can take years for a problem to emerge. Each time your eyes are exposed to UV rays without sufficient protection, your risk of an eye disease or eye problem increases.

Choosing the Best Lens for Your Outside Activity

Make it a habit to wear sunglasses that protect your eyes each time you go outside, even during the winter months. The ideal lens tint for your sunglasses depends on your outside activities and the weather conditions.

Yellow or orange tints filter blue light and increase contrast on overcast days or in conditions with low light. This lens tint is a good option for hazy outdoor conditions or activities where additional vision contrast is beneficial, like tennis, tennis, hunting, skiing, snowboarding, and cycling.

Red, rose, or amber tints improve your vision’s contrast on sunny or partly cloudy days. However, these tints can also cause color imbalances. Consider sunglasses with this lens tint on sunny days when cycling, fishing, hunting, shooting, skiing, and participating in water sports.

Dark copper or brown tinted lenses enhance visual contrast and sharpness. These lenses are suitable for situations where additional contrast is needed, like fishing, baseball, golf, hunting, and water sports.

When choosing a lens tint, choose polarized lenses to ensure that your vision is clear and to reduce eye strain. Polarized lenses minimize glare and reflections off horizontal surfaces, like the road, water, and snow.

How to Purchase Your Eye Protection

Need new sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV rays? Contact Tayani Institute to schedule your eye appointment and explore your options for eye protection.