Kathy Tayani

COO & Practice Administrator

Kathy TayaniKathy and Dr. Tayani have been married since 1990 – from the very beginning of Dr. Tayani’s medical school journey. In 2000, 5 days after their 3rd child was born, Kathy decided to step into the role of COO. As a retired Physical Therapist from LLU, a mother of three, and the Practice Administrator of an evolving business, Kathy is a natural leader who passionately has learned how to design and operate the Medical and Aesthetic clinics within Tayani Institute and Dermabare. As the Chief Operating Officer, Kathy wears many hats. She is driven by her intent to continuously learn how to effectively and efficiently serve patients, providers, and employees with exceptional care and support. In addition, Kathy deeply values a strong work ethic and prioritizes meaningful conversations with colleagues and clients for the sake of respecting everyone’s feedback. When Kathy is offline and out of office, you can find her gardening, organizing, cooking her family’s favorite meals, walking trails with Ryker the Malinois, or traveling!

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