Got Red Eye? Here Are Some Common Reasons Why You May Have It

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Your eyes are the window into your soul.

If this is true, I’m sure there are times we don’t want our eyes speaking for our soul. Between long nights of no sleep, allergies, and medical emergencies, our eyes can look rough. 

One of the most irritating things for us to experience is red eye. There are many reasons it could happen, but while it may not be serious, it shouldn’t be ignored. 

Make sure you keep reading to find out why red eye could occur. You might just be surprised at some of the causes. 

Things Helping You Could Actually Be Hurting You

Contact lenses are a blessing and a curse. They allow you to see without the hassle of wearing glasses all day. However, it can be good to take a break from contacts every once in a while. 

Your contacts could be causing red eyes if they are dried out or not situated correctly. They could even be causing a red eye if you’ve been wearing them too long or too often. 

On the bright side, all of this is a great excuse to invest in a stylish new pair of glasses

If your eyes are dry, you may be relying on eye drops to get you through the day. Too many eye drops can cause red eye so consult a skilled doctor first about drops. 

The Agony of Allergies 

Spring brings beautiful flowers, more time outdoors, and great family picnics. Spring also brings annoying allergies that could cause red eye. 

Things outside causing allergies could include grass and pollen. Indoor causes could be anything from pet dander to mold. If you aren’t sure what’s triggering a reaction, consult a professional.

Symptoms of allergies include red eyes, burning eyes, itching, sneezing, and coughing. Taking an over-the-counter medication could be enough to help, but seek medical help if the symptoms don’t go away. 

Is It More Serious?

Unfortunately, a red eye can be something a little more pesky or serious than just a dry eye or allergies. It could be dry eye or pinkeye. 

Dry eye is the inability for your eyes to create tears or tears of the correct consistency. It causes pain and in extreme cases, vision loss. If you are unable to cry, have terrible pain, dryness, or blurred vision, talk to a doctor. 

Pinkeye is caused by inflammation in the eye due to bacteria or a virus. Symptoms include light sensitivity, green discharge, and a crust on your eyelid. Be careful because it is very contagious. 

Causes of Red Eye

There are many causes of red eye. No matter the cause, red eye can be irritating. It comes with itchiness, pain, and dryness.

Whenever you experience red eye, take action. This can include taking a break from contacts or going to the doctor’s for allergy medicine. If it seems more serious, consult a professional immediately.

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