Debbie Katz

Accounting Manager

dabbieDebbie Katz is the Accounting Manager for Tayani Institute, West Coast Center for Surgeries and DermaBare. She also manages Marketing, assists with Human Resources, and handles a variety of Administrative duties for all three companies. Debbie has a B.A. in Communication Studies from UCLA, and her background includes roles as a Marketing Manager, Director of Administration & Marketing, and running her own business for several years. She enjoys the challenges associated with our large practice, and in particular the diversity of team members and a very supportive management team. In her free time she enjoys playing Wordle with her husband, Anthony, taking their dog, Zoey, on long walks, working out, travelling and reading. Her pride and joy are their two children, and she is looking forward to celebrating her son’s wedding as well as the birth of her first grandchild from her daughter this coming year.

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