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Eyelid surgery tightens sagging skin around the eyes to enhance your appearance and eliminate any visual obstruction. The procedure reduces wrinkles, removes bags, improves your vision, and makes you look years younger. Interested?

At the Tayani Institute, we specialize in eye care and eyelid surgery. Our expert team can treat your eye needs and help you fall in love with your appearance again. If you opt for eyelid surgery with us, we’ll ensure you have a speedy recovery so you can enjoy your results quicker.

What happens during eyelid surgery?

The surgery, called blepharoplasty, is performed on the upper and lower eyelid and it’s a rather simple procedure. The doctor will make an incision to remove excess skin, fat or muscle and open the eye area. Incisions are made on both, but usually, only the upper eyelids require stitches. Those will remain in place for three to six days, and you’ll start to feel better within one to two weeks. 

As with any surgery, there are risks, and the team at Tayani Institute will discuss them with you. A few risks include:

  • Bleeding
  • Scarring
  • Infection
  • Irritation 
  • Dry eyes

What are the benefits?

Eyelid surgery is typically performed for both cosmetic and functional reasons. Some people want to remove frown lines, while some people want better vision. Here are all the ways this procedure can better your life: 

  • Restore impaired vision
  • Restore peripheral (side) vision
  • Remove loose and sagging skin
  • Improve drooping upper and lower eyelids
  • Remove fatty deposits to reduce puffiness
  • Eliminate under-eye bags
  • Smooth wrinkles

How long is the recovery?

Most of our patients return to their normal activities after a couple of weeks. But bruising, swelling, and mild pain, can stick around a little longer. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you’re following our post-op instructions. Here are a few recovery tips: 

  1. Have an ice pack and small gauze pads ready and waiting for you at home to help reduce any swelling and discomfort.
  2. Get pain medication ahead of time, which can be over-the-counter or prescribed by your doctor.
  3. Eye drops are essential and your doctor will advise you on the best type.
  4. Get lost of rest, and sleep in a head elevated position.
  5. Wear sunscreen and sunglasses for sun protection. This is always advised, but especially until the healing is complete. 

Following these tips will ensure you have a speedy recovery, so you can enjoy the way you look sooner! 

Eyelid surgery can make you feel great about yourself and eliminate the issues that impair your vision. Let us help you see and look better. Visit our website here to schedule an appointment.