Orthokeratology, commonly known as Ortho-K, is the method for sight correction by reshaping the eye’s front surface achieved using gas permeable contact lenses. Corneal reshaping happens when you wear contact lenses all night. When you remove them in the morning, you enjoy clear eyesight all day without using contact lenses or glasses. Ortho-K is known to have many advantages over other eye correction methods. Here are five realizations you must know about Orthokeratology.

  1. The best strategy for shortsightedness correction

Recently, global cases of myopia have risen to billions. Increased screen time, time indoors, and age are factors affecting your vision, and the number of people diagnosed with shortsightedness is growing daily. Treatment befitting the increased cases of myopia is Ortho-K gas permeable lenses. This approach is beneficial to your eye health because it rectifies and prevents myopia.

  1. Beneficial for everyone

Ortho-K is known to be your best eye care solution. It has been proven so by the results from all who have used this method. It is particularly more efficient in children who do not want glasses. Progressive shortsightedness is a common problem among children, but Ortho-k is becoming a great method of deceleration. Athletes, officers of the law, and pilots are other candidates as they cannot wear corrective lenses.

  1. Comfortable and painless procedures

Corneal reshaping has a painful sound about it, but it is not. The procedure of reshaping is enacted using hydraulic forces and reverses geometry. Once you wear the permeable lens, a fluid vault is formed over the eye. This vault generates variable fluid intake in different areas of the cornea, which modifies the shape of the cornea and temporarily corrects the curvature.

  1. The best for a quick outcome

Ortho-K is known to be the fastest method of temporary eye correction. When starting, you are advised to put on the contact lenses every night for correction treatment to happen gradually. With time, it is noted that wearing the contact lenses for one night gives you clear vision for more than a day. The progressed treatment gives you the advantage of wearing the contacts at ease.

  1. Insurance coverage for corneal reshaping

There may be some cases where an insurance company would recommend and pay for Ortho-K lenses. Ortho-K is considered a temporary eye treatment method. Not to say that the cost of treatment is not expensive, but the results of Ortho-K are commendable.


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Over the years, different ways of eye treatment have come up, with corneal reshaping outperforming most of them. Considering that this procedure is 20-plus years old, your eye care is guaranteed to improve if you opt for Ortho-K.

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